Consulting Services

Companys strategie, Portfolio analysis, Market analysis, Analyses of competitors, International sales strategies, Reorganisation of business units, Investment consulting, Business Continuity opinion

Communication Services

Marketing, Companys profile, Market positioning, Exhibits, Fares, Publications, Presentations, Workshops for sales forces

Cooperation Services

Cooperation in engineering and metalforming, Cooperation in design and development, Cooperation in sales and distribution, Cooperation in purchasing, Cooperation with foreign partners, Joint ventures, production abroad, International research programs, Cooperation in metalforming assoiations

Comanagement Services

Interims management, Generation transition, International project monitoring, International project management, Reorganisation, Certification, Management audits for M&A, Management audits for private, equity and QM Systems

Coaching Services

Management coaching, Balanced Scorecard, Personal support, Workshops, Analyses, Trainee programs, Preparation for foreign countries, Bicultural Management (France/Germany)