Business activities in Consulting

  • Companys strategie
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Analyses of competitors
  • International sales strategies
  • Reorganisation of business units
  • Workshops (intern/extern)
  • Investment consulting
factory planing

Selected references

  • Strategic consulting, expansion of activities
  • Consulting of suppliers in D, Au, CH, F, USA
  • Development of international companies in the area of forming and supplying
  • Reorganisation of several concerns (GdbR / GmbH)
  • Investment consulting
  • Strategic cooperations within Europe and the US
  • International Workshops for companies, organisations and associations
  • International market analysis in several languages
  • Restructuring of several companies
  • Factory planning, modernisation, automatisation with new flow processes, installation of robot automation and integration by HERLANCO®