Business activities in Cooperation

  • Cooperation in engineering and metalforming
  • Cooperation in design and development
  • Cooperation in sales and distribution
  • Cooperation in purchasing
  • Cooperation with foreign partners
  • Joint ventures, production abroad
  • International research programs
  • Cooperation in metalforming assoiations

Selected references

  • Consulting for investments in new forming machines/methods
  • Strategic cooperations in European and international alliance
  • Cooperation in the area of sheet metal/massive/die cast, embracing several proceedings
  • Further development in proceedings with cooperation partners
  • Cooperation in cold and hot forging
  • Cooperation in massive forging and tube forging
  • International strategy workshops for cooperation or research
  • Occupation in the area of automobile and aviation
  • Management audits in the inland and abroad (Europe, USA, Brazil)
  • Six Sigma Project in  assembly (Brasilien)